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Hold on to your shades! American Jetset unleashes their summer anthem single "1987."

American Jetset is revving up the engines for a wild ride back to the heyday of '80s Hollywood with their latest single, "1987" – the heart-pounding title track from their upcoming LP! This arena rocker isn't just a nod to the past, it's a full-throttle homage to the glory days of rock and roll.

Channeling the spirit of Sunset Strip legends like Poison and Warrant, "1987" delivers the perfect blend of grit and glamour that defined the era. From fist-pumping choruses to the sun-soaked swagger, this track promises to be the soundtrack of your summer.

So, dust off your leather jacket, lace up those Chucks, and get ready to rock out like it's 1987!


American Jetset's 1987 LP drops worldwide on May 24, 2024. Pre-save the album now on your favorite music platform @

For media inquiries, interviews, or more info, contact:

Kevin Flynn

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