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Just when you thought it was safe to board, American Jetset, Baltimore’s antiheroes, nose down into darker and more dangerous depths, as they unleash their capricious beast of an EP, Love Kills. It’s the soundtrack to the slasher flick in your head – the score to a horror film that never existed.

The disillusioned descendants of the Sunset Strip­–era are creating a new arc in the evolution of 80s-inspired hard rock by animating a hybrid of lyrical and musical influences from Alice Cooper and Motley Crüe to AFI and Alkaline Trio. These sleaze rock goth pop anthems will make the Love Kills EP an instant Jetset classic as it follows three nominations for Washington Area Music Awards (The Wammies) for their previous release.

In 2022, the Jetset crew stormed through iconic venues alongside hard rock legends, including sold-out shows with Stephen Adler (Guns N’ Roses) and Stephen Pearcy (Ratt) at the world-famous Whisky A Go Go. Their arena rock hooks and theatrical live show have earned the band extraordinary reviews and international airplay, all while developing a rabid fanbase in the US, UK, and abroad.

Now the band is back and out for blood in 2023. The caged adrenaline and rage of the Love Kills EP is a wild ride on the darker side, and will no doubt be heard blasting from speakers wherever the real Monsters roam. The release is now available and you can see American Jetset live in when they hit the road in the U.S. and Europe.




Ian Kaine MacGregor

recent press

"Among the biggest bands rising on the East Coast is American Jetset from MD, and yes Metal Sludge has noticed. American Jetset is a band with strong vocals, tight songs, good hooks, nice choruses – they’re the Alternative music of 2022."

Gerry Gittleson / Metal Sludge

"American Jetset hail from the USA. New to my ears this EP drips with the kind of sleazy trashy rock and roll that I love. It also contains a song which could be my choice for song of the year. Repeated plays do nothing to reduce my enthusiasm."

Rob Broom / Metal Planet Music

"Who says American hard rock is dead? American Jetset will change your opinion in a hurry if you believe that. While some bands write with a heavy influence of 80's hard rock, this band nails it in the sound as well as the songwriting. Great stuff!"

Heavy Metal Resource Reviews

"'We Rule the Night' is possibly the heaviest, full throttle song that American Jetset have recorded to date. It’s a beast. For that reason alone, it succeeds in pummeling any crowd wanting to rock out on a Friday night."

 Jeff Onorato / SleazeRoxx