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Jetset is creeping out of the shadows to raze the earth with their savagely sleazy Halloween release, Firestarter. The band is hell-bent on fueling your fire with the riotously macabre iconography in their latest single. The thunderous backbeat, gnarled chords, and blood soaked hooks have been synthesized into a maleficent manifesto of insurgency.

The B-side Hell’s Out to Get Ya was born out of an 80s nightmare and delivered with extreme vengeance. The themes of revenge and vindication are a spectrally distorted testament that all monsters are human and all humans are monsters.

Be one of the first to hear American Jetset perform Firestarter live as they wrap up their 2023 tour in December. They'll be going coast-to-coast in support of Jack Russell's Great White, Faster Pussycat, and LA Guns.

Get your tickets now and stream Firestarter worldwide on Halloween 2023. 


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